Saturday, 16 January 2016


Who doesn't love a good smoothie?!?! 

...I certainly do!

They're a great way to refuel between my training sessions and to make sure I'm eating enough fruit, and mainly veg, to help me through the busy days. At first i had a nightmare figuring out what combinations worked well together as i was adamant to make my very own smoothies. After a few attempts, some of which didn't taste very nice at all, i've finally got to grips with the flavours and I must say I've developed a knack for making a very tasty smoothie.

There are hundreds of different things you can add to a smoothie - from protein powder to carrots.

Each Saturday i'll be sharing my favourite origional smoothie of the week via Instagram! Make sure you follow me on Instagram - aimee_willmott so you don't miss out!


Please feel free to leave me a comment under the video letting me know if you like it, and what you'd like to see in a smoothie the following week! I'll try my very best to make something you'll all love!

Aimee :)

Friday, 1 January 2016


Where does time go? I can’t believe 4 years ago it was January 1st 2012 and the start of an Olympic Year... and now we're here again! 

2015 has been and gone and it’s the start of an important year for most athletes… 2016. This year I hope many of you will be inspired by the upcoming Olympics and tune in to watch the Olympic Games when the competition starts in August. More importantly I hope the swimming is on the list of sports to watch. I’m pretty confident that there will be some amazing races; weather it be between Michael Phelps and Chad Le Clos in the men’s 200fly, to watch Katie Ledecky smash her own world record (again) previously held by Rebecca Adlington, or Britain’s very own Adam Peaty. 
And of course I hope to earn my place on the team, and if so will need your support J

When I reflect on last years swimming achievements they weren’t as good as I would have liked them to be, I didn't perform my best at the World Championships in Russia but I definitely learnt a lot from my dissapointment. You get one chance each year to show the world what you're capable of and this year I don't intend to make a mess of it! 

2015 did however bring me so many other great things I have to be grateful for. 
I became an F-Teamer and had the chance to train in some AWESOME costumes and work with some lovely people at Funkita Swimwear.

I was also named BUCS Sports Woman of the year, which I never expected in a million years! 

I've travelled to countries I’ve never been to before, made new friends and checked a few things off my bucket list.
Now its 2016 its time to step up my game! I wonder what I'll be saying in 12 months time!  

I plan to make this year a year to remember, what will you make of yours?!


Aimee x

Friday, 17 July 2015

Trials to Worlds...

With just under a week to go until the World Championship holding camp I am now into the final stages of preparation, and the last push of hard work is nearly over.

Since the trials I have been pretty busy with lots of racing and hard training, and as a result, sleep, sleep and more sleep has been on the cards. A few weeks ago the World Championship Team, which will be heading to Russia in two weeks, came together for a training camp and a spot of racing at the Mare Nostrum series. There was lots of traveling involved and I had some pretty hard sessions to complete, but it was all made easier training in the glorious sunshine. The competitions were held in Canet and Barcelona where I competed in my main event alongside a few others, and overall I was pretty happy with my results, coming away with two bronze medals in the 200 Butterfly and 400IM.

Since the trails I have also been selected to swim the 200m Butterfly at the Worlds so I will now have that alongside the 400IM. I won a silver medal at the Commonwealth Games last summer in both the 400IM, and the 200 Fly so this year I’m aiming to improve on my times and hopefully improve my world ranking ahead of Rio.

Last week I topped up my tan in Mallorca while training at the BEST Swim Centre with Team LAC. The facility was amazing, although it did take me a while to get used to training in a salt-water pool. As a group we had some amazing sessions and we definitely earned a trip or two to the beach during downtime. The week was a well-needed break to chill out with my teammates, train hard and catch some sun while doing it!

On a final note, I believe the World championships will be televised on the BBC, which is pretty awesome! Team GB have a great chance at a successful World Champs so tune in from Sunday 2nd to Sunday 9th August. My races will be on day 4 and day 8 of the competition. J

Until after worlds,

Aimee xo

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

British Championships 2015

This year the British Champs in London weren't exactly amazing, but I guess that was part of the plan. My aim was to swim well in the 400IM – my main event – at the end of the week, but I didn’t realise how hard it was to focus on the end of the week whilst trying to swim through the first few days not feeling 100%. This week I learnt a lot about what it’s like to race when you’re not feeling your best when it matters. I guess I could wake up on race day at the Olympics and just not feel my best so at least now I know I can pull it out the bag if I need to like I did on 400IM day. Ross Murdock said to me at the beginning of the week ‘It's not about how you race on a good day, but how you race on a bad day’ – safe to say I definitely remembered his words of wisdom!

Talking about Ross… I was so so so so annoyed that I missed the mens 100m Breastroke last week where Ross finished second to Adam Peaty. I was already tucked up in bed at 8pm getting ready for the next days racing! Usually at a British Champs the event has a live stream (which I would have been watching if it was available as I am a huge swimming geek), but this year there wasn’t. There are many reasons that all organisations have been using as to why this is the case, but I just think it’s such a shame that only a handful of people witnessed that race live. For those of you that don’t know what happened, Adam Peaty won the race and doing so broke a WORLD RECORD! AND I MISSED IT!
The BBC not to long ago showed the GB athletics trials for their world championships live on TV, yet swimming doesn’t make the cut. Many of you might think swimming is boring, but I say us swimmers deserve the same coverage as other sports. When you look at the ranking of many GB swimmers in the world there are many of us ranked 1, 2, 3 in our chosen events. The thing that bugs me, and correct me if I am wrong, but I am convinced there are probably the same number, if not more  world ranked athletes in swimming than there are in athletics. 
Same goes for football and many other sports that have been made popular by the media.  
My tweet on the issue last week got over 300 favourites, so there must be some people out there who agree with me. All I am saying is that GB swimmers as a collective had their most successful commonwealth games, and European championships in 2014 but it wasn’t enough to earn TV rights at the British trails which host the best GB has to offer... And not forgetting this year was held at the London 2012 Olympic Pool! I think it really is such a shame – But hey… Maybe one day!

Since last week I feel like all I want, and need, to do is sleep!
You don’t notice how much a big week of racing takes out of you, even though you nap every day! Alongside sleeping I’ve been doing a few sessions in the pool and the gym to keep me ticking over and help get me back in the swim of things while being at home. I woke up this morning after a pretty hard days training yesterday to killer DOMS! And I mean – the worst! (no joke)
But I can’t let that stop me, as I need my legs to function soon as I’m off to Paris tomorrow for a well deserved break with my boyfriend. It’s nice to have something to look forward to mid season, but I guess I couldn’t get too excited up until a few days ago as I had the trials to think about first.

The team is announced for the World championships soon and I’m hoping I did enough to earn my place on the team! We’ll soon see!


Sunday, 5 April 2015

World trials

With just over a week to go until British Swimming Championships things are heating up and getting a little bit more exciting. This year the British champs doubles up as the trials for the World Championships in Russia at the beginning of August, which I’m aiming to qualify for.
This year the trails will be in my HOME POOL and as you all probably know by now, is the London 2012 Olympic Pool!! Obviously there will still be the usual pre trails nail appointment, but this time I wont be preparing for the week by packing my swim stuff, but doing a food shop… and not having to take my pillow anywhere as I’ll be sleeping in my own bed.

The Olympic pool is one of the most tranquil pools I’ve ever swum in. Picture this – It’s 7 am, its quiet with the sun shining through the glass, and even though it is freezing cold 9 times out of 10 I cant really complain tooooo much about diving in for training. BUT… next week it’ll be the complete opposite. With most of the sessions sold out, the event is going to be huge! The last time any British athlete raced at the Olympic pool was at the Olympic Games; so no doubt their will be many memories that come flooding back.

The final push is over and now it’s time to rest up, sharpen up and get excited about the event ahead. I will be racing, 200 Butterfly, 400 Frontcrawl, 200 Individual Medley and 400 Individual Medley so be sure to keep an eye out, and if you can, pop down, and steal one of the few remaining seats.

Some of my new teammates, alongside some of my old ones will be racing next week too. All with different goals in mind; be sure to keep an eye out for Team LAC swimmers and of course my little Middlesbrough Stars!

That’s all from me for now! No doubt as you read this I’ll be sleeping, eating, or chilling out trying to find something to watch on TV. I’ve just finished watching Sons of Anarchy so I’m a little bit lost now…
Any recommendations for a new series to watch throw them this way – I need a new obsession!

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